Friday, August 31, 2007

The Wonderful World of Corinne

Corinne Walsh is a delightful conglomeration of opposites and contradictions. Though her everyday style is laid-back and functional, her love of the extravagant and fabulous are now conveyed by her work instead of her wardrobe - the gorgeous pieces stay pristine in drawers. Her home is a similar mixture of the grand (previously part of a mansion ballroom) and the playful everyday (see the dinosaur-print sheet-tent over her homemade loft bed). Fantasy, ruffles and sparkles come through in her work and personality, while I found that her down-to-earth-ness comes through in her day-to-day wardrobe, origins (upstate NY)and hobbies (she has a lot of BEAUTIFUL plants that she loves, and traveled around Eastern Europe this summer). In summation, Corrine's everyday outer presentation shows the world one part of what she is and loves, while her work shows another.

Tracy Jayne

TJ lives in the Meyerhoff and has filled her bedroom with memories and family history. When entering TJ’s bedroom there is a soft fuzzy leopard print rug on the floor along with her sheer leopard curtains. Her bedding is pale blue with a satiny silver pillow and a bunch of little colorful stuffed animals tucked into her covers. Some of the stuffed animals look like she has had them for a while. One of her walls is filled with antique looking wall hangings and old discolored photographs, some are photos of her own family and some are from antique shops. Some other decorations included Catholic religious imagery, photos of her friends, and her own artwork.

The majority of TJ’s t-shirts in her drawers are black along with some colorful shirts that stood out. Her favorite t-shirt is a black Led Zeppelin shirt that looked like it could have been about 30 years but really it was only a few years old. She has several pairs of jeans in her drawer, just like her t-shirts some look really worn in and some look brand new.

TJ’s clothing in her closet consists of some dresses, skirts, jackets, and sweaters hanging inside. There were several patterns on the clothing like a few floral skirts, a leopard print sweater, and a suquined dress. Her latest purchase is a white sweater with pearl buttons and tiny pearl beads on the front.
TJ’s shelves are filled with books, boxes of jewelry, and random trinkets. She still has a necklace and a ring that she wore when she was a baby.

From talking to TJ about some of the things in her room I learned that there was meaning behind a lot of her belongings. TJ was born and raised in Michigan until she was 14, when she moved to Texas with her mother. I was surprised at some things she told me that I would not have guessed just by her outer appearance or the things in her room. I learned that TJ is a very outdoorsy girl from growing up in a small farm town in Michigan. TJ knows how to shoot a gun. She would go hunting with her father and shoot squirrels!

Survival of the Prettiest

Lyndsay lives in a world of functionality and homely comfort.
Her room is over flowing with items that in the near future may be
finding a new home in a studio or storage unit. Her fridge is always full
and her bed is always comfy. Recently her style has changed from head wraps, scarves,
and more gypsy like items to more functional tastes. Due to her love of the outdoors and her camp counselor experiences her style has changed with her personality. Counselor t-shirts and various pieces of outdoor gear fill her drawers. The piece of clothing that most exemplifies her new self is a water proof windbreaker. This item is very useful when outdoors but has a frivalous aspect due to the slanted zippers and large amount of pockets. Lyndsay has a very good sense of home about her especially when she shows me her home made chalk bag for rock climbing that her mother made her and her coleman sleeping bag with plaid additions. Her main inspirations for dressing can be narrowed down to two books: her Betty Crocker Cook Book and catalog of the exhibition Safe.

How are you responding to the world through your clothing?

I will be analyzing Mike's stlye... Shadowing him at his favorite hangout place of choice and photographing his... locker?

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I will be shadowing and entering Caitlin's space and discovering where she is most herself.

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I'm doing an ethnographic study on the fashion of Brandy. She lives just down Park Ave. here in Bolton Hill, so I am -elated-.



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