Friday, December 14, 2007

Artist Statemet

The imagery in my drawings are influenced by my general interests and a subconscious reaction to the world around me at a certain point of time. Although these drawings are sporadic and intuitive I have developed a system of mark-making with line and shape that serves as a language which ties my imagery together. I begin drawing by using this system as a way to trigger my thoughts and create images. The sculpture is inspired by my drawings and the process of making them become these rituals that are very similar to each other. I begin this process by gathering materials such as the bright vinyl and the string that relate to the color palette and line quality in my drawings. Surrounded by these materials i look at them the same way that i would look at the mark-making in my drawings. There is something stimulating and satisfying in the challenge of collecting materials and arranging them in a way that compliment my drawings.

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