Friday, December 14, 2007

Petting Stole and Collared Sisters

Collared Sisters is a way for myself and my sister to connect over the loss of our Grandmother. Seeing my sister cry at the funeral made me feel a connection to my sister that I had never felt for her before. I wanted to make a garment that could reenact the feelings I've been feeling. My sister and I have never been close but I feel this garment has brought us a little closer.

Petting stole comes from a dream I had after the death of my Grandmother. In the dream there was a woman petting a taxidermied fox. I felt the dream was a communication from my Grandmother because foxes can symbolize the spiritual world as well as messengers. I made the stole so I may take the fox anywhere and find comfort in petting it. I photographed at my childhood home. I feel the stole is a way for myself to connect that spiritual world my Grandmother has now joined.

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