Friday, December 14, 2007


Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to sew. However, when I became interested in Art, dress-making was not a part of it. It wasn’t until coming to art school and being exposed to a wider variety of artists did I realize fiber to be as legitimate as painting or sculpture. Yet the question remained; why garments? After wrestling with this over the last few years, I’ve decided that I simply love to sew. The garments I make are meant to suggest narratives and emotions. Fabric creates a sense of intimacy: it is tactile and familiar.
            My current work is about uneasiness. To express this I have created a series of costumes that illustrate an indirectly autobiographical fairy tale. Various animals represent different parts of my life. The character of the hunter represents an indefinable ever present threat. Currently, I am using scale and gesture to cultivate the ethereal feeling of a dream. This reflects the way things are sometimes warped in retrospect. I also explore feelings of powerlessness and the desire for comfort, physically and emotionally. Fabric and garments have a tenderness which I feel emphasize my ideas.
            It is important to me that my current series functions as both wearable fashion and sculpture. I feel that fashion items should be appreciated as static objects as well as on the body. The detailed surface embellishment I am attempting to impart on each piece will make them more interesting when stationary. I am also creating forms on which to display the garments, which are specific to each one. This will allow me to add depth to the narrative as well as demonstrate both the aesthetic and functional nature of each piece.

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